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Seawall Repair and Maintenance in Venice

Renowned as the “shark tooth capital of the world,” Venice Beach, Florida, boasts a stunning coastline that captures the imagination. Wander along downtown Venice Avenue, lined with charming pink Italian Resurgence architecture, beach-style boutiques, and delightful small restaurants. Venice Beach offers the perfect setting for shell collectors and beach enthusiasts, inviting visitors to comb its shores for treasures, bask in the warmth of the Gulf waters, or explore the vibrant live reef just a quarter mile offshore.

Venice Seawalls

The coastal communities of Venice, Nokomis, and Osprey are graced with extensive miles of seawalls safeguarding their picturesque landscapes, waterfront establishments, and bustling marinas. Yet, despite their historical significance, numerous seawalls in these areas, including those in the Nokomis, Osprey, and Venice were constructed over fifty years ago and are beginning to exhibit visible signs of deterioration. The relentless impact of seawall soil erosion has taken its toll, prompting the need for proactive measures to address wear and tear and ensure the continued protection of these coastal havens.

What is Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion occurs when the force of saltwater gradually wears down materials like concrete, steel, and wood, especially along Florida’s coastlines. As seawalls deteriorate, they sink and develop openings, permitting the soil behind them to seep into nearby waterways. This process can result in the creation of sinkholes or voids behind the seawall, leading to cracks in its structure. Daily tidal shifts, rough waves, and storms further worsen the erosion of these aging seawalls.

Erosion Solutions


Seawall Seam Systems

Seawall Savers presents a unique solution: “Seawall Seam Systems.” This innovative repair system involves a plastic brace strategically placed at the seams of seawall panels to seal vertical joints, effectively preventing erosion loss on the upland side. Utilizing specialized 316 grade stainless steel fasteners, these braces are securely attached to the concrete seawall. With the installation of these braces, the risk of sinkholes and cavities forming behind the seawall is significantly reduced, offering a lasting remedy to coastal erosion challenges.

Weep Hole Seawall Repair

Weep holes serve a critical function by allowing water to escape from behind seawall panels, thus alleviating pressure on the structure. However, these openings are susceptible to blockage from marine debris such as oysters and mangrove seeds, leading to compromised drainage and increased damage to the seawall. One effective solution to address this challenge is the “JET Filter” Weep Hole filter. This innovative system prevents wall movement by releasing water pressure and facilitating efficient drainage. Crafted from corrosion-resistant ABS plastic and featuring premium Mirafi® filter fabric, this drainage solution effectively mitigates hydrostatic water pressure behind coastal seawalls, ensuring enhanced durability and protection.


In certain cases, the aging concrete deadman and tieback rods may deteriorate, potentially leading to the sudden failure of your seawall. To address this critical issue, Seawall Savers offers expertise in installing additional helical tieback anchors. These marine-grade anchors can be installed either from a barge or from the shore, depending on accessibility. Rest assured, our team is equipped to fortify your seawall and safeguard your coastal property from immediate loss.

Signs of a Deteriorating Seawall

  1. Be sure there isn’t any vegetation growth on the seawall, especially in the weepholes.
  2. Weepholes relieve hydrostatic pressure, make sure they are not clogged.
  3. Inspect for cracks in the concrete, even tiny ones.
  4. Seawalls which start leaning toward the water mean your tieback system is failing.
  5. If slabs lean toward land, the bottom of the seawall may be leaning out.

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Our innovative seawall repair system eliminates the need for bulky machinery typically linked with such repairs. It ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and maintains a clean job site throughout the repair process. Moreover, our system boasts remarkable efficiency, allowing property owners to swiftly reap the benefits of a fully restored seawall.

Seawall Savers is dedicated to prolonging the lifespan of seawalls with our proven repair solutions. Our experienced team is poised to conduct comprehensive evaluations and deliver outstanding maintenance services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange your seawall assessment and safeguard the longevity of your coastal.

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