Polyurethane Foam Injection For Seawalls

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Save Your Seawall From Erosion, Washouts, Sinkholes, and More

The Warning Signs Are Clear

  1. A waterfront property owner may be overwhelmed by a failing seawall. Soil washes away with every wave or tidal cycle through gaps in or under the wall.
  2. Soil is caving in around and behind your seawall
  3. Noticeable cavities and voids are forming, and larger sinkholes may appear.
  4. Adjoining concrete walkways, sidewalks, patio or pool deck slabs have settled and are cracking.
  5. Concrete retaining walls have vertical and horizontal cracks
  6. (Clear signs of settlement issues)
  7. Further Unseen consequences can include compromised foundations of adjacent shoreline structures.
  8. These early warning signs may result in dangerous trip and fall hazards.

The cost of repairing a seawall using our polyurethane injection method is typically less than half the cost of replacement and will likely double the life of your seawall!

Fortunately, there are numerous cost-effective methods to save and repair your costly shoreline defense wall. Our primary and most cost-effective approach utilizes the use of polyurethane foam (poly foam) sealant, which avoids the disadvantages of using the traditional and outdated technique of cement grouting.

Traditional Methods

Traditional methods for installing supplemental concrete tie backs and repairing seawall seams involves negatively affecting yards, landscaping, docks and pool areas, in addition there’s heavy equipment on your property for weeks.

  1. Concrete grout substantially increases the pressure and weight behind the seawall structure, which risks the wall cracking or failing.
  2. Cement grouting entails a significant amount of equipment and labor, which creates a negative impact on your property.
  3. Contraction and shrinking is also problematic expressly related to cement grouting.
Seawall restoration

New Progressive Techniques

Using modern and superior polyurethane resin injection, eliminates the flaws listed above while delivering a permanent solution to alleviating seawall cracks, sidewalks and retaining wall settlement.

  1. Seawall Savers installs poly foam chemical grout with a minimum of disruption to your landscaping and hardscape caused by excessive equipment or messy materials. (No Large Equipment)
  2. The process of polyurethane foam repair is far swifter than cement grouting and returns use of your property within hours instead of days or weeks.
  3. This restoration approach is especially capable at quickly eliminating leaks up to hundreds of gallons per minute.
  4. Our polyurethane repair is also positively environmentally safe.

The use of poly foam injection grouting is a perfect winner over concrete grouting for both the owner’s property and their bank account.

Polyurethane Repair Advantages

Polyurethane seawall repair, what we like to call the “Next Breed” approach, has a lot of rewards over both excavation and cement grout. These advantages positively address some of the weaknesses typical in the other repair options. Polyurethane seawall repair material is…

  1. Polyurethane foam installation equipment and procedures allow for a non-invasive, clean approach to repair
  2. Professionally and Efficiently injected, with minimal disturbance from equipment, labor and messy spoil materials
  3. Quickly installed, with a prompt return-to-use time
  4. Environmentally friendly
Shoreline reinforcement

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