About Us

Seawall Savers

Southwest Florida's Premier Marine Contractor

Seawall Savers specializes in the engineering and implementation of coastal seawall and foundation structure repair. We deliver lower costs, diminished carbon footprint and reduced project times all with small construction equipment and dynamic crews. For those seeking an advanced Seawall or Shoreline foundation repair solution, we hope you shall consider the experience of Seawall Savers. Southwest Florida’s Coastal Seawalls and Beachfront Foundations are an integral part of any waterfront improvement.

Seawall Savers presents innovative construction techniques and solutions with cutting edge helical anchors, seawall drains, epoxy coatings and polyurethane foam injection to meet your coastal repair requirements.

Protecting Our Gulf

At Seawall Savers we value our lovely and pristine shorelines and beautiful bays. Our family loves the tranquility of the Gulf of Mexico waters, that is why we go beyond measure to always insure water quality processes.


Use of approved bio-degradable hydraulic oil


Careful selection of installation equipment


Numerous decant systems and silt control curtains


A commendable environmental record

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