Helical Tie Back Anchor Systems

Helical Tie-Back Anchor Systems

Helical Anchors Provide Several Benefits When Implemented For Seawall Repair Applications
Seawall Repair Solution


Helical Tie-Back anchor systems are custom tailored solutions implemented to solve the unique challenges coastal structures encounter. Our assortment of specialized equipment allows us to preform installations in confined areas with confined accessibility, in various soil conditions.

Modular Barges

Seawall Savers maintains a fleet of modular barges to perform helical anchor systems or any other form of repair you may require. This affords us the opportunity to approach you project from the canal side thus eliminating landscaping disruption.

Anchor System


As soon as the helical anchor pilings have been installed, an immediate load may be applied, and the seawall is immediately secured (No Waiting For Concrete to Cure). Helical Tie-Back Anchors are low impact with no messy spoils to contend or noisy equipment. Installation of seawall repairs mostly occur on the waterward side of your property with little to NO IMPACT to landscaping. Most repairs embark on the same day as equipment and materials arrive on renovation site.

Helical Tie Back Foundation

Cost Expense

Seawall Savers helical anchors are significantly structurally sound and present a rapid repair installation time, decreasing the entire overall expense of a new seawall repairs. Our helical anchors offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional concrete Deadman structures.

Environmentally Accountable

Soil excavation requirements are minimal, consequently no spoil material requires removal from site. Environmentally responsive stainless steel hardware, H.D.P.E components (Corrosive Resistant) and a small repair footprint all contribute to preserving our water quality.


Helical tie-back anchor systems are engineered to sustain heavier and demanding loads than other foundation marine systems. Progressive innovations in helical pile technologies certify that these foundation systems are efficient and effective in a diversity of soils, even soil that is of poor quality.

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