Seawall Drain Installation

Seawall Drain Installation

Seawall Drains To The Rescue

Yes, these are the voids created in your back yard behind the seawall you stuff coconuts or rocks into. The coconuts are cheap but don’t relieve your problem.

What's A Weep Hole?

Weep holes were originally installed through your seawall to relieve the water (hydrostatic pressure) that allows drainage from behind your wall to seep out. Weeps Holes are a small opening (1” to 2”) that allows water to drain from behind your seawall. Weep holes are located approximately at the high water line to provide for drainage, especially during storm and heavy rain periods.

Water always travels through the easiest pathway to escape; therefore, drainage systems must always be the “Best Passage”. Seawall structures are failing daily throughout Southwest Florida predominately due to lack of maintenance. In many instances, Seawalls in Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs. Sanibel Island and Fort Myers have all lived beyond their anticipated design expectancy (30 to 40 years). Waterfront Homes, Condominiums, and area marinas all encounter extreme rising and falling tides and energetic tropical storms that cause pressure to intensify behind the seawall.

When water accumulates behind a seawall or bulkhead wall, the lateral forces acting on the wall increase. The more water that collects behind a retaining wall, the greater the hydrostatic pressure on the wall. It is essential to know that your seawall is not a dam, and its main function is to retain dirt.

Repair Methods

Seawall drains can be installed on your existing or new seawall to alleviate pressure. Our drain systems vary; from a pipe with openings large enough to allow water to enter and escape, to a stainless steel “Jet Filter” which requires boring into the concrete seawall then fastening the drain with stainless steel concrete anchors.

How Repairs Work

Weep Hole Filter Systems promote drainage and soil filtration. Mounted through the front of any existing or new seawall/retaining wall, weep hole filters help prevent seawall failure as they prevent soil loss and decrease water pressure. Essentially, seawall drain filters are always easily maintained and they can extend the life of your valuable investment.

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