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Sanibel Island

Seawall Repair and Maintenance on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a barrier island located off Florida’s southwest coast. The island presents virtually endless adventure for families. Families seeking thrills or just wishing to relax on the beach, shall find no shortage of activities and attractions that the everyone can enjoy. One just has to choose where to start.

Sanibel Seawalls

Seawalls are more than just concrete barriers along the waterfront; they are the guardians of coastal properties, standing tall against the relentless forces of nature. On Sanibel Island, these seawalls represent the frontline defense, shielding waterfront homes and condominiums from the wrath of hurricanes and storm surges born from the Gulf of Mexico’s stormy waters.

As the years pass, these formidable structures, once stalwart and unyielding, begin to show signs of wear and tear. Decades of exposure to saltwater and the relentless assault of waves have taken their toll, causing concrete to deteriorate and weaken. Many seawalls on Sanibel, are now reaching the 30 to 40-year mark, face the inevitable effects of time, silently succumbing to the elements.

Seawall Soil Erosion on Sanibel Island

The erosion of these coastal seawalls is not always apparent at first glance. Beneath the surface, a gradual erosion process unfolds, quietly robbing the seawall of its stability and strength. Soil and sand, once firmly anchored, begin to erode, forming cavities behind the seawall, compromising its structural integrity without a hint of warning.

The consequences of neglecting seawall maintenance can be dire. When hurricanes roar ashore with their ferocious winds, towering waves, and storm surge weakened seawalls stand little chance against the onslaught. What was once a protective barrier turn into a liability, unable to withstand the relentless forces of Mother Nature.

Erosion Solutions


Seawall Savers utilizes an engineered proprietary repair system called “Seawall Seam Systems”. (A Plastic brace located at a seawall panel seam is used to seal the vertical joint to prevent upland erosion loss).

This brace is affixed to the concrete seawall with specialized 316 Stainless steel fasteners. The installation of the brace eliminates sinkholes and cavities from forming behind your seawall.

In addition, existing weep holes (holes placed through the seawall panel above the barnacle line to relieve hydrostatic pressure on the landward side of the wall) are often clogged. Seawall Savers installs “Jet Filters” in each concrete panel to eliminate hydrostatic pressure behind the existing seawall.


Investing in seawall preservation is an investment in the future, ensuring that these coastal properties remain safe and secure for generations to come. By taking the necessary steps to maintain and protect seawalls, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their properties are fortified against the forces of nature.

Seawall Assessments

Regular assessments are essential to ensure these vital coastal defenses’ resilience. Potential catastrophes can be averted by identifying and addressing issues early on, and seawall integrity can be preserved. From clearing vegetation growth in weep holes to monitoring for cracks and signs of leaning, proactive maintenance is the key to safeguarding these critical structures.

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