Eight Lakes Concrete Seawall Repair

ClientCape Coral Residents
LocationCape Coral Florida

Eight Lakes Concrete Seawall Repair

The Eight Lakes neighborhood is one of the jewels of Southwest Cape Coral. The neighborhood is anchored by eight beautiful man-made saltwater lakes.

Several Residents next to Eight Lakes in Cape Coral, Florida contacted Seawall Savers regarding 320 feet of leaking concrete seawall. Cavities were appearing in the land behind the seawall, cracks were appearing in the concrete seawall cap, and soil was eroding through the wall into the lake system. As usual, the residents filled the voids with coconuts, more dirt and whatever they found which would go into the depression. This DYI solution didn’t last long, however, as the soil ultimately leaked through the wall and the depressions reappeared. The problem became worse after each thunderstorm and now was threatening structures and swimming pools near the water.

Project Challenges

Seawall Savers were approached to assist in a solution for concrete seawall issues at the multi homeowner’s project. Our team provided the owners with a detailed seawall assessment, highlighting the areas requiring immediate attention.

The seawall repair project provided the waterfront owners with a solution to address their major sinkhole problems and lack of drainage.

What is seawall soil erosion?

Saltwater’s corrosive nature accelerates the decay of concrete, steel reinforcements, and wooden structures. Much of Florida’s coastline was once marshland, filled in to accommodate waterfront properties and canals. Over time, this leads to the sinking of seawalls and the opening of seams where concrete panels meet. Consequently, seawall erosion ensues, as the fill behind the structure seeps through these openings into the surrounding water bodies. Sinkholes or voids develop behind the seawalls, causing structural cracks in the cap. Daily tidal fluctuations, harsh waves, and storm surges further exacerbate the deterioration of these aging seawalls.

Seawall Drainage Repair Results

Utilizing state of the art equipment, our team installed sixty-four (64) “Jet Filters” on the multi-lot site. We also erected thirty-eight (38) “Seawall Seam System” braces to prevent soil erosion from behind the seawall into the canal.

Once installed, these components save our client both time and the expense of installing a new seawall.


All seawalls are designed with weep holes to allow water to escape from behind seawall panels, these weep hopes relieve

the pressure on the seawall.

Over a period of time “Weep Holes” become blocked by debris, marine barnacles and mangrove seeds getting into the openings and clogging the hole.

Consequently, lack of water flow from behind the seawall may lead to extensive damage to the seawall structure.


What exactly is hydrostatic pressure, and what role does it play in the stability of Cape Coral’s coastal seawalls?

Hydrostatic pressure is a formidable force, particularly when it comes to concrete structures, especially in the presence of saturated soils. It refers to the weight exerted by stationary water behind a seawall, stemming from inadequate drainage through weep holes.

This unyielding pressure poses a significant threat to the integrity of not just seawalls but also other concrete features and hardscapes.


Seawall Savers utilizes an engineered proprietary repair system called “Seawall Seam Systems”. (A Plastic brace located at a seawall panel seam used to seal the vertical joint to prevent upland erosion loss).

This brace is affixed to the concrete seawall with specialized 316 Stainless steel fasteners. The installation of the brace eliminates sinkholes and cavities from forming behind your seawall.

In addition, the existing weepholes (holes placed through the seawall panel above the barnacle line to relieve hydrostatic pressure on the landward side of the wall), were clogged and not functioning. Seawall Savers installed “Jet Filters” in each concrete panel to eliminate hydrostatic pressure behind existing seawall.

Preserve Your Seawall

Mitigating soil erosion not only protects the seawall itself but also safeguards coastal properties and infrastructure against erosion-induced damage. By preventing the formation of sinkholes or voids behind the seawall, these strategies help preserve the land adjacent to the shoreline, including residential and commercial developments, roads, and utilities. This preservation of coastal property enhances property values and reduces the economic losses associated with erosion-related damage.

Why Trust Seawall Savers?

I’m Kit Garcia, and I understand the frustration of searching for a reliable contractor to handle repairs at home. It’s a challenge finding a company that not only meets your needs but also respects your time. That’s why my brother, Key Garcia, and I founded Seawall Savers. Our mission is simple: to unite people and foster a trustworthy relationship.

Join us at Seawall Savers today and let’s safeguard your coastal property together! Don’t wait any longer to protect your investment. Reach out now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a resilient and worry-free waterfront. Together, we’ll ensure your seawall stands strong against this year’s hurricane season.


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