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Seawall Repair and Maintenance in Naples

Naples, a cultural and natural gem on the Southwest Florida Coast, boasts the stunning Gulf of Mexico, pristine white-sand beaches, and the vibrant 5th Avenue South, known for its culinary delights and unique shopping experiences. Nearby destinations like Marco Island, Everglades City, and Goodland offer additional day trip adventures.

This scenic region features miles of seawalls protecting coastal homes, waterfront restaurants, and marinas. Originally installed to safeguard against boat wakes, storm waves, and water damage, many residents mistakenly believe these concrete barriers require no maintenance. However, numerous seawalls in Naples, Park Shore, and Port Royal, constructed over 50 years ago, no longer function as designed. These aging seawalls are now experiencing significant soil erosion and structural issues.

To preserve the integrity of your seawall and protect your property, proactive seawall repair and maintenance are essential. Our expert team specializes in extending the lifespan and enhancing the performance of seawalls, ensuring your waterfront investment remains secure.

What is Seawall Erosion?

Saltwater is highly corrosive, which leads to deterioration of concrete, steel reinforcing, and wood timbers. Florida’s coastline is predominately comprised of swamp land that was filled to make waterfront homes and canals. Consequently, over a period of years seawalls sink and their seams (were two concrete panels are connected) open.

This is what creates seawall erosion problems, by allowing the fill behind the seawall to escape through the seams into the canal or gulf. As this occurs, sinkholes or cavities form behind the seawall, which in turn creates structural cracks in the seawall cap. Daily tidal changes, inclement waves and storms also place additional wear and tear on aging seawalls.

Barrier wall repair


All seawalls are designed with weep holes to allow water to escape from behind seawall panels, these weep hopes relieve the pressure on the seawall.

Weep holes become blocked by debris, marine barnacles and mangrove seeds getting into the openings and clogging the hole. Consequently, lack of water flow from behind the seawall may lead to extensive damage to the seawall structure.

Hydrostatic Pressure

What is hydrostatic pressure and how does it affect coastal Naples seawalls?

Hydrostatic pressure is a dangerous factor that can create turmoil on concrete structures, especially when excess wet soils is involved. Hydrostatic pressure is the weight created by standing or resting (“static”) water (“hydro”) behind a seawall due to non-functioning weep holes. This relentless water pressure can impact your concrete seawalls and hardscapes too.

Seawall Solutions


Seawall Braces

“Seawall Seam Solutions” is the innovative repair system championed by Seawall Savers. This engineered solution, consisting of a plastic brace strategically positioned at the seam of a seawall panel, serves as a barrier against upland erosion. By securely fastening the brace with specialized 316 Stainless steel fasteners, it effectively seals the vertical joint, thwarting the formation of sinkholes and cavities behind the seawall.

Weep Holes Filters

The “JET Filter” Weep Hole filter prevents wall averts/ movement by discharging water pressure and permitting drainage while saving money on extensive repairs. This geocomposite drainage system is perfect for relieving the hydrostatic water pressure that inevitably builds up behind coastal seawalls.

Geotextile Filter Fabric

The filter is Corrosive-resistant (Constructed of ABS plastic), so it does not run the risk of corrosion like a metal.

The weep hole screen comes standard with the highly-rated Mirafi® filter fabric. This fabric maintains long-term H2O flow rates in high gradient conditions. 

Seawall Maintenance

Many waterfront homeowners have no clue about seawall maintenance, usually directing their landscaper to fill the voids behind the seawall with sand or gravel. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution to ongoing problem. When this symptom persists repair and maintenance are required by a professional licensed contractor.

Experienced Seawall Repair

Seawall Saver cutting-edge seawall repair system renders traditional heavy machinery unnecessary, minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment while maintaining a pristine work area throughout the repair process. Additionally, our system is renowned for its efficiency, allowing property owners to quickly experience the benefits of a fully rejuvenated seawall.


Seawall Savers has seawall repair solutions that can extend the life of seawalls by decades. Please give our expert team a call for your seawall assessment today at 239-984-9899.

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