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Seawall Repair and Maintenance in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs offers a diverse range of experiences, catering to various interests. Whether you seek nature exploration, beach relaxation, or boating adventures, this destination has it all. From the serene landscapes and wildlife sightings at Barefoot Beach Preserve to the thrill of renting a boat and exploring Estero Bay and the Imperial River.

For those who prefer the classic beach experience, Bonita Springs Public Beach and Barefoot Beach Preserve offers pristine shores and tranquil waters perfect for swimming or unwinding amidst the coastal beauty.

Bonita Springs Seawalls

The picturesque enclave of Bonita Beach is graced with expansive stretches of seawalls shielding coastal residences, waterfront dining spots, and bustling condominiums. Yet, despite their coastal significance, numerous seawalls in Bonita Springs and Bonita Beach are revealing signs of aging, having been erected over fifty years ago. The passage of time, compounded by the relentless effects of seawall soil erosion, has rendered many of these structures susceptible to wear and tear.

Soil Erosion in Focus

Saltwater’s corrosive effects take their toll on various materials like concrete, steel, and wood, especially along Florida’s swampy coastlines. As seawalls deteriorate over time, they gradually sink and develop openings, through which the soil behind them escapes into nearby water bodies like canals or the Gulf. This erosion process often leads to the creation of sinkholes or empty spaces behind the seawall, resulting in structural cracks in its cap. Daily tidal shifts, rough waves, and storms further compound the damage, particularly affecting aging seawalls.

Weep Holes

Weep holes serve a vital purpose in allowing water to escape from behind seawall panels, thereby relieving pressure on the structure. However, these openings can easily get obstructed by debris such as marine organisms and plant seeds, impeding proper drainage and causing further harm to the seawall’s integrity. To address this challenge, consider implementing the “JET Filter” Weep Hole filter.

Erosion Solutions


Jet Filters

“Jet Filters” are engineered to prevent wall displacement by releasing water pressure and facilitating efficient drainage, this system is crafted from durable ABS plastic and features premium filter fabric. With this solution, you can effectively mitigate hydrostatic water pressure behind coastal seawalls, safeguarding their stability.

Seawall Seam Systems

Seawall Savers introduces an innovative solution: “Seawall Seam Systems.” This proprietary repair system employs plastic braces strategically placed at seawall panel seams to seal vertical joints, preventing erosion loss on the upland side. These braces are securely attached to the concrete seawall using specialized 316 stainless steel fasteners. By implementing this system, the formation of sinkholes and cavities behind the seawall is effectively eliminated, ensuring enhanced stability and protection.


Sometimes, the aging concrete deadman and tieback rods can fail, posing a risk of sudden seawall loss. In such cases, Seawall Savers steps in with expertise to install additional helical tieback anchors. These marine-grade anchors can be installed either from a barge or from the shore, depending on accessibility, providing a reliable solution to reinforce and protect your seawall.

Seawall Warning Signs

• Ensure that there is no vegetation growing on the seawall, paying particular attention to the weepholes.

• Keep the weepholes clear to alleviate hydrostatic pressure.

• Thoroughly inspect the concrete for any cracks, no matter how small.

• Leaning seawalls towards the water indicate potential failure in the tieback system.

• If slabs lean towards the land, it could signal that the base of the seawall is leaning outward.

Prolonging Seawall Life

At Seawall Savers, we excel in prolonging the longevity of seawalls through our proven repair solutions. With a team of seasoned professionals, we are equipped to conduct comprehensive assessments and provide unparalleled maintenance services. Contact us without delay to schedule your free seawall assessment and fortify the resilience of your coastal investments.

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