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Seawall Repair and Maintenance in Cape Coral

Cape Coral seawalls are the first line of critical defense to protect waterfront property from inclement wave damage and storm surges created by hurricanes. The devastating forces accompanying these cyclonic storms can be potentially damaging to your seawall, at times causing catastrophic failure.

Many seawalls in Cape Coral are pushing 35 to 45 years in age and deteriorating due to constant exposure to salt water and failing concrete. The average waterfront property owner is under the impression that his wall is concrete and shall withstand the test of time.

Seawall Erosion In Cape Coral

Seawalls are essential to defend your waterfront property from flooding and soil loss. The difficulty is that seawall erosion can be missed or overlooked. It may not appear like anything is occurring, but the soil and sand on the backside of seawall are being swept away. Cavities form behind the seawall, create a hole in the back yard and this weakens the walls structural integrity.

Seawalls especially in Southeast Cape Coral should be physically sound to provide effective security against, king tides, storm surges, and hurricanes. If the seawall is not structurally sound, it will not survive the forces of mother nature when she turns violent with turbulent winds and storm waves.

Seawall assessments are crucial to ensuring the safety of coastal homes and other waterfront locations on canals or saltwater lakes. Seasonal seawall examinations help recognize any existing problems or issues that could lead to severe seawall failure if not tackled promptly.

Concrete Seawall Repair

To ensure seawall durability, it’s essential to use the correct repair materials and techniques. In, Southwest Florida we employ ABS Plastic products. The “Jet” filters and seawall seam systems we use are Corrosive-Resistant, so they do not run the risk of corrosion like a metal.

Erosion Solutions


Seawall Savers employs a sophisticated, exclusive repair system known as “Seawall Seam Systems.” This system features a plastic brace strategically positioned at the seams of seawall panels, effectively sealing the vertical joints to prevent erosion loss on the upland side. The brace is securely attached to the concrete seawall using specialized 316 grade stainless steel fasteners. By installing this brace, Seawall Savers effectively eliminates the formation of sinkholes and cavities behind your seawall, bolstering its structural integrity.

Filter Systems

Furthermore, when the existing weep holes—essential for relieving hydrostatic pressure on the landward side of the wall—are obstructed and non-functional, it’s imperative to address this issue. Seawall Savers implements “Jet Filters” in each concrete panel to insure proper drainage. These filters efficiently alleviate hydrostatic pressure buildup behind the seawall, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Helical Anchor Systems

Marine helical tie-back anchoring systems may also be applied to further improve stability against hydrostatic pressure applied by the gulf waters on sections of the seawall. These helical anchors maintain the alignment and stability of the seawall when older tieback rods fail.

Concrete Seawall Preservation

Florida Coastal concrete seawalls weaken and deteriorate over time due to exposure to saltwater and other environmental influences. To safeguard their longevity, it is essential to take steps to protect them through minimally invasive methods that cost less than total replacement (which may run up to $80,000.00 or higher).

Preventive preservation of concrete seawalls helps defend the structural integrity of the seawall while delivering a protective barrier against further deterioration caused by corrosion or inclement weathering. Following proactive steps for maintenance and preservation will guard your investment for years to come and keep your seawall performing perfectly for an extended period of years.

Interval Maintenance will Help Prevent Damage to Your Seawall

  1. Make sure there isn’t any vegetation growth on the seawall, especially in the weepholes.
  2. Weepholes relieve hydrostatic pressure, make sure they are not clogged.
  3. Inspect for cracks in the concrete, even tiny ones.
  4. Seawalls which start leaning toward the water mean your tieback system is failing.
  5. If slabs lean toward land, the bottom of the seawall may be leaning out.

Professional Seawall Repair

With our state-of-the-art seawall repair system, unnecessary machinery often associated with such projects becomes obsolete. This not only minimizes disturbances to the surrounding landscaping but also ensures a tidy work environment during the entire repair procedure. Furthermore, our system excels in efficiency, enabling property owners to promptly enjoy the advantages of a completely revitalized seawall.

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Please contact us if you see cracks in your concrete seawall cap or sinkholes behind your seawall. These are tell tale signs of imminent danger to your seawall.

At Seawall Savers, we provide expert seawall repair services to restore the integrity and functionality of your seawall.

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